Our Branding Story

Committing to our Earth-first Ethos

WUESTE literally means desert, wasteland. In early 2022, we launched with the intent to prioritize a nature-first ethic in everything we do, while promoting travel and exploration. As a conscious brand we require an identity and strategy that reflects future thinking and problem solving. Devised by Sundown Atelier, we developed a clear representation of our vision of earth-first clothing for free spirits who truly care.

WUESTE brandmark

WUESTE designs resort wear with capsule collections based on dream locations. Travel means stories and memories. It’s the anticipation of a vacation. It’s discovering the new and beautiful. We’re about creating connection, community and transportive story-telling.

WUESTE travel inspiration

WUESTE strives to minimize the global footprint and environmental impact of our collections. Consideration has gone into every aspect of material design. The quality of our products promotes use for their entire lifespan, not just one season or occasion.

WUESTE travel inspiration clothing

Wueste truly follows through on minimizing impact on the planet in the creation of each garment. Our designs are plant-based and can be composted since they’re completely plastic-free, leaving truly nothing behind. Pushing the limits of sustainable and ethical travel apparel. All collections are made locally in California for complete quality and ethical control.

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