WUESTE is a young lifestyle brand based in California. We create products that leave nothing behind through earth-conscious design and sustainable manufacturing that ensures quality, renewability and minimal impact on the planet.

Our commitment is to long term sustainability and responsible business practice. We are committed to making the best decisions for Earth, our customers and our brand.

We operate with integrity in our collaborations and are committed to our social and environmental responsibility in our day to day operations. These standards are the foundation of our values as a brand and we aim to work with partners who share this commitment.

We produce everything in California and are committed to supporting the California textile industry, engaging with our partners and sharing our sustainability ambitions with them. All of our apparel and accessories are made in California, by partners who seek to meet our slow fashion mantra and share our vision and commitment to operating socially and environmentally responsible.

Our journey to sustainability is a path of discovery and learning, and we understand that this is our responsibility as creators. While we’re just at the beginning of our journey, we strive to do our best to build a responsible supply chain, make the most sustainable design decisions and understand our areas of opportunity for conscious improvement and growth.

We strive to use our voice to raise awareness and facilitate change in the fashion industry. As we grow, we will grow our community and build stronger partnerships. 1% for the Planet is an international organization dedicated to preventing greenwashing, certifying reputable giving and providing accountability. As a member of 1pftP, we contribute at least one percent of our annual sales to environmental causes via their network. Their mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. Putting people and the planet over profit.