WUESTE Palms All natural materials

WUESTE was founded with the intent to never have any of our garments to end in a landfill or the ocean. We use exclusively plastic-free and biodegradable materials in our garments.

All-natural Materials 


We are committed to using sustainable materials in all our designs. We only use plant-based fabrics that do not release microplastics and are animal-free, such as cotton, linen, hemp, viscose, modal, or Tencel. In our first capsule collection, we use 3 different linen fabrics: natural linen, deadstock linen suiting and digitally printed EcoVero viscose linen from Spain. Linen is a top sustainable fabric because it is made from natural fibers that do not require pesticides or chemicals, and fully decomposes within as little as two weeks. 


The same attention to detail is given to our garment closures. Zipper closures are typically made from polyester and even if they use cotton tape, they still have a poly core. Our garments instead use earth-friendly alternatives, such as coconut buttons or metallic clasps - held together by 100% cotton thread which is durable, and does not stretch or break easily. 


Our plant-based approach does not stop with the garments themselves. All our fabric care labels and brand size tags are glue-free, made from OEKO-TEX certified cotton, printed with soy-based inks or woven and sewn-in. 

WUESTE Leave nothing behind with all-natural materials


Overproduction, excess inventory and waste are problems every fashion brand has to tackle. Preorder is the most sustainable approach to manufacturing clothing. Preorder means a garment is purchased before it is made, and then made-to-order and shipped to the customer. WUESTE launches all capsule collection production runs as preorders. This approach allows you to tell us which styles you really love, only then they are produced on-demand in limited runs and delivered to you within eight to ten weeks. It also encourages intentional shopping, rather than impulse buys. All our collections use the preorder model and only if the original production run sells out, we may offer a second round of preorders.