We prioritize humanity over profit, environmental stability, and living wages. Achieving this requires we actively strive for a fair world and take full responsibility for our actions. At WUESTE, we embrace transparency, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. Your money is a catalyst for change, and every purchase impacts people throughout the supply chain and the Earth. Therefore, we champion fair and transparent pricing for our garments.

How we determine our prices

Calculating the retail price of a product involves considering several factors. These encompass material expenses, processing and manufacturing costs, as well as marketing and other company-related expenditures, including employee salaries. In all these areas, we regard ethical choices and sustainability as our top priorities.

Our priority lies in ensuring that our product prices reflect fair compensation for all involved, rather than solely focusing on profitability. All our production partners are based in California, where employees receive wages exceeding the legal minimum of $16.00/hour. When selecting and procuring our fabrics, we prioritize environmentally friendly materials that are both durable and innovative. We emphasize their fair production and absence of toxins. All our fabrics are sourced from US-based suppliers with whom we have worked since our inception.

We market our garments through various boutiques, collaborating with selected retailers who offer our designs both online and in-store. To ensure distribution is profitable for our retail partners, we incorporate a retailer margin into our product prices. As a sustainable brand, we strive to use our growth to benefit both people and the planet. Therefore, a portion of our sales is reinvested in our environmental initiatives. These expenses are factored into the price of each product, ensuring we can support our important projects reliably and in the long term.  The following overview provides a detailed insight into the composition of each price component:


Includes the costs for all materials for each WUESTE design.


Includes expenses for garment cutting and sewing, fair compensation for the manufacturer's sewers, and on-site logistics costs.


Incorporates all company expenses for development, employee salaries, office and store rent, technology, marketing, collection development, and profit margin.


Includes the margin allocated for our distribution partners, representing the retailer's earnings deducted from the B2B purchase price paid to WUESTE.


Encompass the costs of our packaging materials and return processes.


Your purchase at WUESTE supports social and ecological initiatives. This impact value is based on each products direct contribution to 1% for the Planet.


All product prices include 7.25% value-added tax.

We have broken down the price components for a bestseller from our collection. Using our JUANA Halterneck Top in our signature linen, we illustrate the factors influencing the final product price.


JUANA Halterneck Top

Material: $11.00

Production: $32.00

Company: $9.68

Retailer Margin: $69.00

Logistics: $4.75

Impact: $1.38

Taxes: $10.01