At the very heart of our brand lies an unwavering commitment – a promise, really – that none of our cherished garments shall ever end up abandoned in a landfill or adrift in the ocean. This guiding principle is not just the core of our business but an embodiment of our creative vision and responsibility.

Leave nothing behind

We prioritize sourcing materials from regenerative and organic sources, and are committed to protecting biodiversity through the selection of our materials. We do not use plastic fibers in any of our designs to honor our promise to leave nothing behind and ensure the biodegradability of our designs. We will not knowingly source fibers from endangered forests and are tracing our supply chain, aspiring to full visibility into the origin and journey of our materials and components.

Where possible, we will also include dead stock materials. We understand that every natural fiber has its advantages and disadvantages with regards to their impact on the our planet and that there is no zero impact material. Nevertheless, we assess the environmental impact of the materials we use and the sustainability of that material’s construction is paramount, as well as the lifecycle of those materials.

Yorkshire Linen

Our Yorkshire Linen is a luxurious natural fabric that is breathable and durable. Sourced from 100% flax linen fibers, our hypoallergenic Yorkshire linen feels comfortably coarse and slubbed and will continue to soften over time. Linen is a top sustainable fabric because it is made from natural fibers that do not require pesticides or chemicals, and fully decomposes within as little as two weeks.

Linen Care

For the best and safest cleaning, we recommended machine washing with cold water on a delicate cycle. Hang to dry.

EcoVero Viscose Linen

Our EcoVero Viscose Linen, made from 20% linen and 80% EcoVero viscose, is a sustainable viscose fabric made from strictly sustainably sourced wood that uses 50% less water for the lowest environmental impact. It has a crisp, cool hand that makes the garment feel lightweight and comfortable.

EcoVero Care

Dry cleaning preferable, but can be hand-washed or machine-washed on delicate, cool water. Line dry.

Our Trims

Garment Labels

Our 100% cotton twill labels are printed with water-based inks, made locally in California.

Mercerized Cotton Thread

Silky smooth 100% cotton thread used in all our natural fiber garments. Treated for strength and luster, produces less lint, and is more resistant to mildew. The eco-friendly alternative to commonly used polyester thread.

Coconut Buttons

Made from the outer shell of the coconut husk, they're strong yet lightweight. A sustainable choice as the outer shells are a waste-byproduct of the food industry, providing further income for local communities.

Natural Rubber Elastic

Made in Austria from 100% natural rubber from Malaysia and 100% GOTS cotton from Turkey.

Our Packaging

The apparel industry generates significant waste, and this issue extends beyond the products themselves. We use fully customized packaging that enables us to meet the needs of our customers and the environment. As a young and small studio, efficient resource management is crucial, so we maintain a lean inventory of packaging that we replenish just in time.

All our garments are shipped in FSC certified, recycled Kraft mailers while our brand collateral is printed with biodegradable, soy-based ink. These choices reflect our dedication to being environmentally responsible while preserving the quality of our products.