12 Slow traveler

Our Keoni jumpsuit is the slow traveler uniform for those who seek connection to locals, cultures, food and music.

11 Vision of the Seychelles

Transportive vision of the Seychelles.

10 Conscious resort wear

Inspired by the conscious explorer, the Keoni jumpsuit styled with pearls and a straw hat.

9 View of the Pacific ocean with Hala trees

View of the Pacific ocean with Hala trees.

8 Sand dollar texture

Sand dollar textures.

7 Kaili beach dress

The perfect beach dress - Kaili dress in tropical florals print.

6 For adventurous souls

Clothing for adventurous souls, the Hawaii capsule.

5 Beach textures, Anja Liotta, Maui 2022

Beach textures, Anja Liotta, Maui 2022.

4 Gloria Rodriguez 2016 Sevilla

Checkered pool, Gloria Rodríguez, 2016 Sevilla.

3 Malvoideae

White malvoideae, native to Hawaii, are the only hibiscus species with fragrant flowers.

Bella in the Kaili dress in tan pinstripe from our first capsule collection SS22 "Hawai"

1 Hangtags

WUESTE was founded with the intention to leave nothing behind through the use of exclusively earth-conscious materials that will never end in a landfill.